Sindulge Epic Fail

I so eagerly told all my readers about the new Sindulge box that focused on makeup – a nice break from all the skin care boxes I receive.  Well, I signed up the very first day with a promo for only .01 – what a deal – I will try anything for that!  I must tell you that there has been nothing but complete frustration with them.  I have gotten numerous emails per day, each canceling the other out.  I signed up in February and should have received two boxes by now, but have only gotten charged twice.  After looking at my bank account this week and realizing I had been charged once again and that I had not received any boxes, I cancelled my account and decided that despite being a new box on the market, they should have gotten their act together.  Their grace period ended with me.  

All my apologies to my readers whom I recommended this box to – I hope your experiences have been better and I would be curious as to what you have received (or not) from Sindulge