Birchbox October 2012 Review

…And my favorite box arrives again!

Here’s what was in this month’s box!

October 2012 Birchbox

Lucy B – Ping Frangipani & Wild Jasmine Roll-On Perfume Oils

Quidad – Climate Control Heat and humidity Gel – this will go to one of my favorite clients this week!

theBalm Cosmetics – Mary-Lou Manizer – a highlighter… one of my favorite things (2nd to bronzer)

Vitivia – Pro:vitamins A15 and C10.  I thought this was to ingest, but it is for your face and next.  Vitamin C brightens your skin tone, while Vitamin A refines pores!

Lifestyle Extra: LUNA protein – Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar.  I ate it.  It was alright.

That’s it for this month’s Birchbox!  If there is something I can keep giveaway and eat… I am a happy camper!

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Beauty Box Five October 2012

This is my 3rd Beauty Box 5 and I am still not impressed.  I had thought I cancelled last month…

Beauty Box 5 October 2012

Here is what was in this month’s box “tricks of the trade”!

Margania Pure Argan Oil – you can use this alone or mix it with moisturizer, great healing benefits.

City Lips Lip Plumper – packed with antioxidants and moisturizers.

ShowStoppers FAshion Tape – keep your fashion fashioned!  This may come in handy for the holiday season ahead of us.

Goat Hause Dairy Lip Balm – Light weight silky soft… and it is – I am wearing it now and it feels great!

Furlesse Elevens – This appears to be an anti-aging product that gives you a clear patch to put over your wrinkles and magically they will be gone!  I don’t have any wrinkles, but we’ll see how it goes!

Lash Card – I have not tried these yet, but have read a lot about them, can’t wait to see if my mascara will be fab the next time I wear it!

I think Birchbox is still my favorite – the marketing is just so much slicker than everyone else on the market and I pretty much lover everything in their boxes!

Beauty Box 5 September 2.0

So… I just posted about my Beauty Box Five delivery last week, but I just received an additional delivery today.  Hmmm…. I am thinking the delivery goof up from last month had something to do with it.   I am glad that I received a second box because it addressed some of the criticisms I had about the box.  I was going to cancel the box subscription, however I didn’t have time before this one arrived. It looks like west coast delivery is the 18th of the month, which is a little later than the Birchbox or Beauty Army beauty boxes that I currently subscribe to.  That is just fine with me because I don’t want them all arriving on the same day like Birchbox and Beauty Army have been recently. The box was sent with an itemized run down of what was in the box so you know what you are getting – this made me happy because the first box did not have this and I was left wondering just what I had received.

Beauty Box 5 – box no. 2


So here goes:

  • H. Wood Beauty Lip Shine – the product plus a 25% off coupon code.
  • Goat Hause Dairy – Bath Melts (1 Melt) – can’t wait to use this… do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had a relaxing bath?
  • Silk Naturals – Eyeshadow.  Gluten free and Vegan friendly.
  • Nastassja Skin – Enzyme Facial Peel – any skin type!
  • Nume – Hydro Punch Hydrating Shampoo I can’t wait to try everything out!  It’s a good mix of everything: body, hair, lips, eyes, skin… I think they covered just about everything!

Beauty Box 5 – September 2012

I know you guys think I am crazy about all these boxes, but I did decide to try one more box this month just to see what else is out there.

I purchased Beauty Box 5 for $12 – no tax or shipping.

My address was goofy in their system, so this box took about 3 weeks to get to me.

On all of the other beauty box sites I subscribe to, they give you a total run down of the product in your box and ways to shop for it.  When I received my box, it just had a thank you note included, but no information on what the products actually were, if I was receiving any full size product or even what the prices of these products would be if I wanted to purchase them.  That was kind of a bummer because I don’t really know the benefit of these products.


I liked their marketing, I thought it was a cute box.


Here’s what I got:

Psssst! Dry hair shampoo – I already received the exact same thing from Beauty Army a few months ago.

H20+ Marine Calm Restorative Eye Creme .13 oz – I love eye cream so this will be fun to try.

Blum Naturals Pro Age Daily Cleansing Towelette – 3

Ferro Cosmetics – Sheer Crystal Veil.  This is a mess waiting to happen.  It is a (very small) jar of minerals that I can just see going everywhere!  It is supposed to make you glowing and dewy.  I wore it tonight and didn’t feel like it did anything.

ELLIS FAAS Glazed Lips – I think this is a full size twist up lip gloss, but there is no color listed so I don’t want to open it – if it’s not my color I would like to pass it along.  Oh what’s a girl to do… another beauty dilemma.

While all of this was nice, the box left me a little cold – not personal at all and maybe I’ve gotten a little spoiled with Birchbox at only $10 and Beauty Army at $12 – both of them make me feel like it’s my birthday when I open a box.  This just didn’t have that special touch that I have experienced with the other boxes.

Conclusion:  nice, but not for me.  This will be a one shot box.

Beauty Box – Total Beauty May 2012 was a dud

I am up for trying new things, so I thought I would try the new Total Beauty Box that was recently released.  I love Total Beauty because they have SO much information I am able to go through and share with you all regarding topics I think you might be interested in.

The box was $15, which was a little on the high side for me.  In contrast, Birchbox is only $10 and Beauty Army is only $12 – both I have been amazingly happy with.

I received my box quickly after I had ordered it.  The box and presentation was unique and kinda fun to open.

There were very few products and included a gift card to a skin care company.  Whenever a box does that, I am always a little put off.  I have already paid for the products in the box… why send me a “gift card” – I did check out the website for Pevonia and it was SUPER expensive skin care for men and women.  Why would I spend $ on skin care I have only seen on the internet with out any prior knowledge or recommendation?  What a waste. 

3 products and a gift card… really?

Here are the actual products I received:

Alterna: Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist – Kiss dull hair goodbye with this shine mist which gives you glossier hair!  I’ve heard Alterna is a great brand, so I will try this deluxe size.

June Jacobs: Green Tea and Cucumber Body Balm – hydrate and replenish dry skin with this balm that’s packed with shea butter and the nourishing oils.

Blinc: Mascara – Stop painting your lashes and TUBE them with this mascara.  It won’t run, smudge, clump or flake.

That’s it.  My entire box.  While I am excited about the Mascara and Alterna Shine Mist, I am insulted by the gift card and nominal about the Body Balm.

Conclusion:  Skip Total Beauty.  Read their beauty articles, but don’t buy the beauty box.  Keep your excess beauty dollars with Birchbox or Beauty Army!

Birchbox May 2012 Special Edition: Gossip Girl

Birchbox May 2012 Gossip Girl Special Edition

May 2012 Birchbox

I am not into gossip girl, so this one did not move me.  The box was super cute – a nighttime city skyline.

Here is what was in my box:

Bvlugar: Omnia Crystalline Eau de Toilette Spray – lotus flowers, bamboo and Nashi pear fragrance.

Color Club: Clambake Coral Nail Polish – this is super cute and totally hip to the fashion scene right now.  I love anything that keeps me in style.  I wear nail polish every single day, so I treasure new colors.

Kiehl’s: Abyssine Cream +, anti-aging moisturizer – repairs and protects skin.  I have wanted to try Kiehl’s skin care, so I was grateful to be able to try this one for sure.

Side note:  I have had very, very, very sensitive skin.  I was leary of trying skin care from any of the beauty boxes for fear of terrifying my skin!  So far, there have been very few items that have hurt my skin.

Ojon: Damage Reverse Restorative Conditioner – Repair stressed strands with this aromatic hair treatment… smooth and hydrate. I won’t be able to use this – my color is so sensitive that I only have one conditioner I use on my hair, so this will be a freebee to someone else!  Yippee for you.

Birchbox Extra:  Notecards – modern stationary.  Mine was pink… always happy about something pink in the mail!

I love Birchbox – the products are always quality.  My favs this month are: the nail polish in coral and the Abyssine Cream +

Birchbox is handpicked deluxe sized beauty and lifestyle samples, delivered right to your door for $10 a month!  Follow my link to sign up!

Here is what my latest boxes and bonus boxes look like:

 Bonus box I received with my bonus points

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