Sephora sucks. Here’s Why.

I don’t do much shopping at Sephora and this week I found some really fantastic stuff!  So instead of sharing it with you and directing it to you their site, I will be happy to share with you what happened and where else to get the hot item I was so excited about.

A few weeks ago I found a great bargain on some skin care I enjoy.  I stocked up – me and all my boys use the same face wash (yes I love Philosophy Purity) so why not get  several when the price was slashed.  They are the only store that carries Buxom and Kat Von D – with whom I am obsessed with – I have placed orders for items from these brands with no problem.  I also signed up for their VIP program and Flash Shipping.  It seemed like a deal – for $10 you  get 2 day shipping on all your items for a year.  Why not?

I had been tracking the popularity of the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Champagne Glow created by beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill and toted as the “perfect highlighter for all skin types” release and found that Sephora was going to launch a 3 piece set in November – so I set up notifications so I could purchase when it came out.  The morning it was released, I put in an order immediately for 6 of them.  For this holiday special, it was well worth it to me. 

This is a time sensitive makeup buy:  when the original BECCA Champagne Highlighter Pressed Compact went on sale, it sold 25,000 units in 20 minutes.  I had to get my hands on this product!

Well today is Friday.  They still had not come.  I emailed them yesterday and had no response.  I spent almost an hour on the phone today and was told my account had been closed because they thought I was a reseller and I am not permitted to purchase items via their website and the decision is final. I talked to as many people as I could and could not get through to anyone.  I am permitted inside their stores.  The final contact I spoke with was Victoria from the Sephora Texas call center.

This is not something I take lightly.  I shop online because it is often difficult for me to get out of the house.  Today for example, I have hardly been able to move, walk let alone drive a car and make my way through the rain into Sephora.  I am in unspeakable amounts of pain and live moment to moment.  It is up and down but really puts a damper on my day to day living.  I typically keep this to myself and the people who know the different parts of my life, but this is my reality and today the two collided.

I resent being a woman in love with makeup, ordering the things I love with money I have to spend to be banned from shopping at a online at a store who sells makeup.  Yes I can get to a store, but by the time I am physically able to do, it will be sold out.

I don’t wave the disability flag loud and proud, but… Sephora, you suck.  You discriminated against me when I told you that I could hardly walk today, let alone get into a car, drive in the Seattle downpour to the mall, find parking and crawl through a maze of people at Sephora to stand in line and then reverse the process.  My body just can’t do it.  You showed no compassion or options for me.

Go buy on Amazon and get your prime shipping with out the hassle of the obnoxious and discriminatory people in customer service at Sephora.


Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Champagne Glow Palette featuring Champagne Pop x Jaclyn Hill >> DON'T BUY AT SEPHORA!

Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Champagne Glow Palette featuring Champagne Pop x Jaclyn Hill >> DON’T BUY AT SEPHORA!


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Is this beautiful? What did I miss? Maybelline Colossal Chaotic Mascara

I saw this yesterday as I passed through a local drug store.  I was honestly shocked.  Is this pretty?

Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Maybelline Colossal Chaotic Mascara

What about this picture would make you want to buy this product?  Does the yellow marketing pull you in?  It is called Maybelline Colossal Chaotic Mascara – I can see the chaos going on here.  Did I miss a trend that indicated messy, clumpy mascara is a thing? Somebody… help me understand!

This is a good reminder that Nordstrom’s Mascara Madness is right around the corner…

So many fun things!  NYC MAKEUP SHOW #2

I was so excited to find the Kat Von D booth. I’ve heard great things about the line and am honestly an admirer of hers as well. I was able to snag a great kit for a great buy. 

I was able to try out the liquid lipstick. It is supposed to be long lasting and there are plenty of fantastic colors.  

I decided to try out the tattoo eyeliner and lipstick for the U2 concert – because it needed to last and look good for hours. Boy did it stand the test!  

I have the RED, but recently went back to buy LOLITA (hard to find neutral) and BACHELORETTE (hot pink). 

These are now my staple products and honestly – the first products I’ve paid full price for in a long time. 

My recommendation is to bring along a gloss for later in the day. I like kissable looking lips!

Bravon Beauty: 5 Products in 5 Minutes

I wanted a light spring finished look, despite wearing a big floppy hat to the park on Saturday.  Here is what I did!

Only 5 Bravon Beauty products in under 5 minutes: 

The Eraser Tinted Diffuser Powder in Natural Beige $21 This is the second color (out of 4) and worked perfectly to help with an even complexion without adding bulk.

Magnetic Eye Primer $16 – This evened out my eyelid, which happens to be thin and a little off colored.

Double Wingspan Mascara in Raven $18 This created a long wide looking lash and I used 2 coats.

Magnetic Eye Shadow / Matte in Purple Mermaid $11 – I used this in my brows so I could be 100% Bravon!

Sumi Ultra Matte Creme in Raspberry $16 I used the lip brush included with this product to create the perfect looking lip with out the use of a lip liner.

Only 5 Bravon products create a beautiful simple look for a spring day!

Only 5 Bravon products create a beautiful simple look for a spring day!

Arica Kildea wearing Bravon BeautyI achieved an even complexion, simple eye look, defined brows and a bright lip! Perfect for a late spring day!

Visit to find more treasures! 


Bravon Beauty: How I reworked a Kit to work for me!

I received the Bravon Beauty “Pretty Fabulous 9 Piece Kit with Bag” and quite frankly had a feeling of excitement and anxiety as I tried to figure out what I would try first!  First, can’t we all just agree that 9 pieces, plus a bag for $72 is an outrageous value?

Please note that all swatches and pictures of products are used under a white light box with no filter so you can see the true color. 

Here is what the kit looks like – I can’t wait to share with you how it translated to from containers and a picture to skin!

Bravon's Pretty Fabulous 9 Piece Set with Bag $72

Bravon’s Pretty Fabulous 9 Piece Set with Bag $72 – Photo used with permission


Here is everything the kit includes:

L to R: Meteor Showers, Venus an Pink Diamond.  All swatches taken under white light box with no filter.

L to R: Meteor Showers, Venus and Pink Diamond. All swatches taken under white light box with no filter.  Magnetic Eye Primer was used under the pigments.

  • Net Wt. 0.23 fl oz/6.8 mL – HD Vinyl Liquid Lipstick – Hot Buttered Rum ($18)
  • Net Wt. 0.12 oz/3.4 g – Motto Matte Moisture Lipstick – Sleep In The Nude ($17)
  • Net Wt. 0.04 oz/1.2 g – Lip Prefix Primer Liner – Cinnamon ($14)
    Bravon Lip Products from pretty amazing kit Spring 2015

    From L to R: Lip Spa in Rose Petal Tea (not in kit), Cinnamon Lip Prefix Primer Liner, Sleep in the Nude #motoMatte Lipstick, HD Vinyl Lipstick in Hot Buttered Rum

Gel Tech Longwear Eye Liner in Ebony on Right

Gel Tech Longwear Eye Liner in Ebony on left. Repeat of Pigments already pictured.


  • Double-Blade Gel Pencil Sharpener  ($6) – I was impressed with the sharpener – it’s huge!  Immediately I thought… Yep, Bravon knows about girls like me… the ones who hate emptying their liner sharpeners!  You have to see it:
Bravon's XL Sharpener is over an 1" long and a double decker holding chamber.

Bravon’s XL Sharpener is over an 1″ long and a double decker holding chamber.

  • Faux-Croc Cosmetic Clutch, measures – 9″W x 7″H x 1-1/2″ See Kit Picture above
  • Total value – over $85

I didn’t quite know where to start, but complexion is basic so I started with a tinted moisturizer and Bravon’s Eraser Tinted Diffusion Powder in Natural Beige ($21) and applied the Magnetic Eye Primer.  The Eye Primer has a slight pigment to it that evens out your natural eyelid color – giving you a blank canvas to work with.  The Eraser Tinted Diffusion Powder is amazing because it evens out your skin with out leaving creasing or settling in lines.  It is not a heavy coverage – you can still see skin!

The Eraser Tinted Diffuser Powder

I made the mistake of wanting to put EVERYTHING in the kit on my face at the same time!  Eeek!  I forgot what Bravon’s mission was – to bring out your inner artist.  I was so excited to put those pigments on that I grossly underestimated the power they packed!  Wow – just look at the pictures (actual swatches taken from product instead of computer generated pigment)!

So as you can imagine and I am humbled to admit it… I made a mess of things!  I had to relearn how to use loose pigments, especially the ones that were very intense.  I went back to basics and listened to my inner artist – start with the lightest color, which was the pink… Pink Diamonds and intensify from there.  I used it as my highlight color on my lid and under my eyes.  I then took the darkest color Meteor Showers and made a crease for a deep smoky eye.  The middle color Venus, which was very warm, I used in two places the middle of my crease an then I swept some through my brows.

Hi-Fi Loose Pigments

Bravon Hi-Fi Loose Pigments from Screen shot used with permission.

I used the Gel Tech Long Wear Eye Liner in Ebony – it was amazingly smooth.  I used it on top of my lashes and on the inner rims of my eyelid to make my lashes look more finished.  It is easy to sharpen and wears all day.


Gel Tech Longwear Eyeliner Pigments – Screen Shot Used With Permission


The Double Wingspan Mascara in Raven is just amazing.  You can see how my lashes look long, separated an finished.  The curve of the wand aids in the direction of the lashes.  Double Wingspan Mascara in Ebony

Now there are three lip products included in this kit.  I put on all three.  I should have believed there was enough pow in the liner.  Then the lipstick.  But when I got to the Vinyl Liquid Lipstick… it was too much (color swatch on right with lip products).  My lips looked way too dark.  I then realized again that I can switch in and out lip colors and textures – just as the Master would have.  Just because it’s in the kit doesn’t mean I have to put it all on at once! I did my lips over again and this time, I used just the Primer Liner in Cinnamon and the Motto Matte Sleep in the Nude Lipstick.  I took an item that was not in the kit, but lightened up the look for me which was another Bravon Lip Product – Lip Spa Aqua Gloss in Rose Petal Tea (Pictured above & not included in the kit):

I warmed my complexion up with Bravon’s Dual Nature Contouring Bronzer in 70 Degrees and SunnyDual Nature Contouring Bronzer Bravon Beauty


On the apples of my cheeks, I used Susumu Suede Blush in Hydrangea:Bravon Beauty Hydrangea blush

Hydrangea Blush on top left, 70 Degrees and Sunny on bottom left and Magnetic Eye Primer on the right

Hydrangea Blush on top left, 70 Degrees and Sunny on bottom left and Magnetic Eye Primer on the right



Here’s  the finished look… a kit with my own twist:

Bravon 9 pc kit look with dark lip


Find out about my first ordering experience here.  To order your own kit – or try the new summer 8 pc sizzling kit, go to!  Leave comments here to tell me what you ordered and what you think of this amazing new line!

Bravon Beauty: 6 Ways I made it Mine

Arica's beauty blog using bravon beauty

I love this picture because it shows how I was able to create that glow we all crave with a soft eye an bright lip.  Here is what I used:

  • The Eraser Tinted Diffuser Powder with a big fluffy brush The Eraser Tinted Diffuser Powder
  • Contouring Bronzer in 70 Degrees an Sunny Dual Nature Contouring Bronzer Bravon Beauty
  • Hydrangea Suede Blush – The perfect pink for me! Insider’s hint: Bravon recently said that one of the top sellers is RoseHydrangea Suede Blush
  • I popped the eye shadows into the Magnetic Compact – it comes with it’s own soft, flat brush.
  • Mono Shadow Holder

    Magnetic Eyes Compact Duo must be purchased separately.

    Bravon Beauty Eye Shadow Singles

    You can customize your shadows for the compact. This is great if you happen to run out of your favorite color and need a quick replacement.

    I used Purple Mermaid in Matte and Granite in Satin – it had a slight sparkle to it, which of courses I love.  I used this under my eye instead of a liner to continue the soft look I was creating.  Purple Mermaid worked amazingly well as a brow filler… it was a pinch an I wanted to be 100% Bravon! Double Wingspan mascara bravon beauty

  • The Double Wingspan Mascara in Raven has a curved comb that gently lifts your lashes and spreads them beautifully for a full long look.  I prefer two coats. Lip creme lipstick raspberry bravon beautyIMG_8258
  • I loved finishing this look with Raspberry Sumi Ultra Matte Lipcreme

Bright colors are so much fun and this particular mix was perfect for me!  I have pink subtly mixed into my hair right now and the Sumi Ultra Matte Lipcreme in Raspberry was the perfect connection for my look.

Check out – you will find a site full of color and possibility! 

Shipping is quick and packaging is perfect!

Check out another Bravon look here!

bravon beauty aricasbeautyblog

bravon beauty raspberry lipstick aricas  beauty blog

Top 4 Things You Need To Know About Bravon Beauty Packaging

It seems a little odd to talk about packaging doesn’t it?  Well, not when you’ve seen what some of the funny business that can be pulled in cosmetics that you probably aren’t aware of!   Bravon Beauty pulls no punches when it comes to ensuring the best experience in getting your products to you safely.

Here is what Bravon Beauty provides: insurance.

1.  Your order is hand packed and inspected by the Bravon Beauty team. Each piece is grouped into a reusable package before going to shipment.  At the time I placed my order, all orders were shipped via USPS Priority thus getting your order to you quickly at a reasonable price. Bravon Beauty Packaging

2. The website has been updated.  Repackaged so you know exactly what you are getting.  What used to be computer generated swatches to choose color is now upgraded to a vibrant show of the actual shades… the actual product.  Here is one of my favorite shots (used with permission) of how, once again the Bravon Beauty Team ensures you get exactly what you want.  Hi-Fi Loose Pigment is reasonably priced at only $13 – be careful… it’s packed with a color punch!

Bravon's High Fi Loose Pigment

Bravon’s High Fi Loose Pigment

3. In more than a decade of working in cosmetics, I have not ever seen this before – double protected mascara. Brilliant!  Why didn’t someone think of this before?  Well, Bravon wasn’t calling the shots – that’s why!  Bravon’s Double Wingspan Raven Mascara $18, comes with a seal around the top and boxed. There is NO WAY you will get a previously opened or worse… Used mascara when ordering.

Double Wingspan Mascara in Raven

Bravon Beauty Double Wingspan Mascara – Double Protected

4.  All items are easy to open, have a slick design and user friendly. My favorite so far is the Sumi Ultra Matte Lipcreme in Raspberry. It is uniquely designed so that you can have the perfect application every time and decreases chances for product contamination from the brush.  Here’s my confession: I never use a lip brush! But this product is a lip brush and lipstick in one – it will change my lipstick game by adding precision in application.  Modestly priced at only $16.Matte Lipcreme packaging Bravon Beauty Lipcreme

Look at this amazing pigment!

Lipstick and Lip Brush in One

Raspberry Sumi Ultra Matte Lipcreme

Bottom line: purchase with ease, knowing you are getting the best makeup with high standards of quality control for a great price.

The summer kits have just launched – they are beautiful and well priced!  The “Sizzling Summer Kit” is only $68 for 8 pieces!