Arica’s Favorite Flat Irons: Find out what I use before I turn mine on!

Flat Irons are a wonderful thing.

fun Fact about Arica:  I did not use a flat iron until I had gone to beauty school… well into adulthood!  I didn’t understand the beauty of why you would need one or how to use it.  Today, I will be sharing my top brands, plus two things I use to get the PERFECT flat ironed look!  Hint: it involves thermal protection and shine!
infrashine infrashine Original Medium Flat Iron, 1 inch, Black $149 – ships free with PRIME!  Amazon rating is 4.5/5

Ghd 0215 Professional Styler, 2 Inch $203 + 5.99 Shipping – the cord swivels, it is pro grade, will last a long time and turns off after 30 minutes.  Reader rating is 4/5.  I PERSONALLY use a GHD and absolutely love how quickly it turns on, the quick way I get a smooth look for my hair!


2inch flat iron
BaByliss Pro – Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron – 2 inch  This is currently on sale right now for $44.99 and free shipping with PRIME!  The MSRP is 99.99 so it is a great deal.  It also has an Amazon rating of 4.5!


Now, before you even turn on the flat iron I will share my secret:

I initially tried 12 Benefits through my birchbox subscription and absolutely fell in love with it.  I spray it all over my hair when it is damp… NOT just dripping right out of the shower!  It smooths out hair, creating a great protection from heat.  My hair styles quicker when I use it and feels smoother and healthier.  YOU MUST PREP ON YOUR HAIR BEFORE YOU  FLAT IRON – it will protect your hair and make it look better!

12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment – 6 oz - ships free with PRIME!

This should be the finishing touch for whatever way you choose to style your hair.  It creates great shine and is to be sprayed on a dry finished style.  The miracle shine spray also is filled with anti-oxidants to protect against the environment.

It’s A 10 miracle shine spray with noni oil 4 fl oz (118 ml) - Free shipping with PRIME!

There you have it!  Three flat irons to choose from and now you know how to properly prep and finish your hair for the healthiest look possible!

Shop Amazon – Free Shipping on Orders Over $35

My Top 6 Picks for Makeup: 2014 update

Here are my top picks for my favorite makeup products:

TheBalm Mary-Lou Manimizer – the best highlighter ever!  This almost has a creamy texture to it as it picks up in your brush and glides onto the skin.  It gives maximum pay off in pigment. BareMinerals Eye Primer – several colors are available and keeps your eyes hydrated all day long.  My top picks are original, brightening and sunset.  These will complete any makeup look and set you up for success.  The texture is very creamy and while the tubes seem very tiny, they last a long time if you use the proper amount – which is very little. Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer – super coverage, great highlight and very creamy.  I use it every day! BareMinerals Tinted Moisturizer – ok this was listed in my skin care must haves blog, but I truly believe it is a staple to my makeup for the perfect glowy look!  Feels great on the skin and gives me a wash of color. Orange and coral Lipstick!  I have several brands I wear and I will share these, but here is why I love to wear this color:  I brightens up my complexion and is unexpected.  Not a whole lot of people wear a coral or orange lipstick, so when you do you create a fresh look!  I love bareMinerals Moxie Lipsticks because they are very pigmented, creamy and have no taste – big pet peve of mine and totally reasonable in price! bareMinerals Moxie Lipgloss in Party Starter – it has a minty/cinnamon taste and great pigment with a reasonable price! Dior Addict High Impact Color #439 / Coral Lace.  This has great staying power with high quality that will last all day. YSL Rouge Pur Couture – Pure Color Radiance Le Orange – this lipstick formula is cream and the color is true – a must have for your fresh collection!

Mascara: The final touch to your look and my must have is two steps to perfect lashes. Lash Maximizer is a serum for your lashes and has a two fold effect for your lashes.  The Maximizer provides immediate volume if worn under your lashes and also acts as a serum for your night time routine – I think of it as a little love after a rough day of wearing mascara.   DiorShow Black Out is THE blackest Mascara on the market.  This mascara is designed to look like falsies, have a patent leather shine look and be your going out mascara.  I love it. There you have it!  My top 6 must haves for a glowy perfect makeup look!//

Top 6 Skin Care Must Haves: Winter 2014

It’s been a while since I have shared my must haves for Skin Care or Makeup, so here are the products I am currently using and why…


BareMinerals Purifying Facial Cleanser – super gentle on the skin, takes off makeup and works well with my Clarisonic.  The whole family uses it – there is no scent and is perfect for every skin type.

Philosophy Release Me Eye Makeup Remover – most gentle eye makeup remover.  This is non irritating and does the trick every time.  Just shake the bottle and go.

Dior One Essential – This is a skin detoxifier that kills off all of the toxins on your skin so your serums and moisturizers can act more effectively.  Think about it -if the  7 billion toxins that hit your skin every day are not neutralized or removed, how can your skin care work effectively and allow you all the benefits of anti-aging?  This is the booster you need to get the job done!

BareMinerals Multi-Wrinkle Repair – This soften my fine lines, hydrates my skin and minimizes puffiness on my face in the morning.  Most effective after One Essential and left on the skin to absorb before moisturizer.  I don’t like fragrance, but this is botanically derived and smells like lavender.

Day Moisture:

BareMinerals – Tinted Moisturizer.  This creates a glow to my skin and gives me the perfect hydration every day.

Night Moisture:

Philosophy Full of Promise – anti aging that will firm and lift.  Provides incredible hydration.

Philosophy Hope in a Tube – This is a high density lip and eye cream that firms.  I use this all over my eye and lip area.  Finishing step in your skin care.  Please note this is vastly different than Eye Hope by Philosophy, which I think is a horrible product.

How long does skin care take me?  Approximately 3 minutes for 6 steps.  You can budget time for this for the protection and health of your time.  Your goal should be to reverse signs of aging and create hydration.  My top 6 will do all that!

Click on any of the pictures above and it will link you directly to the product!
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A year with Dior: Dior School – Mascara

I know you’ve been waiting for the Mascara post.  I had to wait until I went to school before I felt confident to tell you just how wonderful the mascara is… and give you the WHY behind the greatness.

Diorshow Mascara

This is a mascara with a back story.  The artists were told to create a better mascara behind a show… give them bigger more natural looking lashes.  The artists decided to use a half of a toothbrush and mix it with powder.  This gave a big, full look to the lashes but also gave it a fail safe with the powder base so the lashes did look natural with a matte finish.

As you can see from this picture, my lashes look like falsies – long, full and beautiful!


Dior Black Out Mascara

This mascara is the blackest, fullest mascara you can find on the market.  Our DIOR trainer said she went to Sephora and made color swatches of all 35 mascaras for sale at the time and all participants clearly pointed out that this was the blackest, deepest color on the test – not knowing which was the Dior Show Black Out mascara.  This mascara is designed to give big full dark lashes with a shiny patent leather type of finish.

Compare the two pictures –  I have layered the Black Out over the Dior Show and my lashes just exploded!


Stay tuned for the next DIOR Mascara post!

Mascara Madness is coming up at the end of May – but you don’t have to wait until then to order your mascara as you WILL need some between now and then.


A year with Dior: DIOR SCHOOL / Fragrance

This week I went to DIOR SCHOOL!  I was excited because I knew there are areas of beauty that I am not familiar with that would be of interest to me.  One of these areas is fragrance.  I have not had ANY experience with fragrance and frankly I am a little sensitive to it.

I must tell you that I learned SO much – even if I don’t end up wearing it myself, I feel confident that I will be able to guide my customer through the process of learning which fragrance will be right for them.


Christian Dior is the only designer to launch fragrance the same year as the fashion line.

Christian Dior named his first fragrance Miss Dior, after his sister, Margaret.  Miss Dior is the smell or essence of love. It is light and sweet.  The bottle is shaped like a woman’s body.  The dagger bow in the center is a man’s bow that was incorporated by Christian Dior for the first time in women’s fashion and it is a centerpiece to the bottle.  Also, Christian Dior brought housetooth into women’s fashion from men’s fashion world and was incorporated into the design of the Miss Dior bottle.

J’Adore is the only fragrance that has won 7 world wide award for the most balanced fragrance when it was launched over ten years ago.  J’Adore was the phrase Christian Dior exclaimed when he was excited about a new design or fashion.  J’Adore is a very sensual fragrance made of thousands of jasmine flowers in just one bottle.  The bottle is designed to look like a woman’s body.  Charlize Theron is the model and spokeswoman for this fragrance. I personally love the sexy J’Adore commercial where is is in all gold and stomps across the floor throwing her clothes off.

There are only four fragrance houses left in the world!  Christian Dior is one of them.

All the fragrances are made from raw materials, nothing synthetic which means that it will stay longer.

There are 9 Dior gardens all over the world!

Pretty cool, right?  I had no idea that fragrance had so many stories and details.

Stay tuned for more of what I learned at Dior school…

A Year With Dior: Complexion Perfection Event March 6th

Downtown / Flagship Nordstrom Dior counter will be hosting a COMPLEXION PERFECTION event on March 6th.  I’ll tell you why I am especially excited about this event.

-New Foundation Primer Launch

-Color Extensions of Skin Flash Launch

-Eye primer Launch

-Dream Skin Launch

ALL of the above will complete the perfect complexion and our DIOR experts will be on hand to create yours!

Tell me the time you would like to come on March 6th between 11am to 5pm and any DIOR or Nordstrom Beauty items I can set aside for you.

Easy ways to book your appointment:

  • Give the counter a call at 206.628.1059 (tell them Arica sent you)
  • Fill out the contact form below
Create the perfect complexion!

Create the perfect complexion!


Cute and easy updo: get your Bobbie pins!

At work I have to wear a slicked back pony or bun so when I get a day off, I love to break out of the box and do something different.

Here is a cute and easy way to get a quick updo.

Separate the top half of your hair and tie a knot.

Slide a bobby pin into the middle of the knot on either side.

Take the bottom of your hair and pull it up to a know that will be relatively close to the top knot and slide the bobby pins in the same way.

You will now have ends tweaking out all over. Take those ends and roll them over on themselves and stick bobbies in at the base discretely. Do this to all 4 ends for top and bottom.

To make it a little more wispy and messy, gently loosen up the parts you have just pinned.

Super easy and takes less than five minutes!



Out of the vault: Rock and Republic Orange Blush!

I was going through some old makeup and reminiscing on good times while wearing certain colors, I ran across a product that I will keep forever!

This vintage Rock and Republic blush has amazing ORANGE pigment. I got it at a Nordstrom Trend event a couple of years ago in Bellevue.

I love the pigment and how heavy the compact feels in my hand and the big swirled R&R on the front.

If you have your old items that you love, don’t keep everything but a few items like this are worth the space!


 This picture indicates the color much more accurately!  It is so bright – amazing and fun.  Remember you don’t have to go crazy, just enjoy the color – bold or soft! 
Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blush Immoral Peachy Coral

Here is an awesome Rock & Republic Blush Brush
with the R&R logo and great bristles!

  • Bristles are made of pony hair for a fabulous smooth application
  • The dense, flat bristles create the ideal canvas for more eye makeup to come
  • Function meets fabulousness with Rock & Republic’s glamorously gilded arsenal of five-star quality brushes


A Year with Dior: My first event – Winter Beauty 1/17-18

The Winter Beauty Event is this weekend and so exciting.  I have never worked a Dior event, but this one will include Dior Artists who are apparently amazing, tokens of appreciation for the customers, cute beauty bags from the department and our latest collection!

Send me an email to schedule your appointment for FridayJanuary 17 or Saturday January 18th at Downtown Nordstrom:  Let me know what time you’d like to come – 12 -5pm. Hope to see you then!

A Year with Dior

I know you all have been dying to know what my next move would be… So I just started as the Business Manager for Dior at Seattle Flagship Nordstrom.  As I have been with bareMinerals for so long and have not tried a ton of new product for a while – let alone blogged for quite some time, I thought it would be fun to chronicle my first year with Dior.

Now Dior is a luxury line – much different than what I have been selling for over 3 years with bareMinerals – different customer, price point and quality.  From what I have heard so far, not only are they a great company to work for, but the lengths this company has gone to ensure the highest quality and highest standards for their makeup AND skin care is amazing.  As I learn more, I will be sure to share.

Last week, I went to the Nordstrom team year end party for Dior in Seattle.  It was great to meet this elegant group of ladies, have a wonderful meal and we were all given Dior gifts.

My gift is pictured below – a full set of brushes, Dior Lip Glow Balm, Dior Iconic Mascara and Dior Show Mascara.  I have not tried any of these products, but once I do, I will be sure to share how it goes!

Thanks for reading!  When you decide to order, email me arica.kildea at and I will ship from Downtown Nordstrom free of charge.