Arica’s Q&A

Favorite Makeup item today?  
Urban Decay All Nighter

Favorite Hair Product?  
KMS California Hair Play Makeover Spray Dry Shampoo  (it really does make over your hair)

Favorite part of applying your own makeup?
 Anything with shimmer that creates highlights on my face. 

Best part of working for Nordstrom Cosmetics?  

I work for the best retailer on the planet!  I have the freedom to get and do anything my customer needs!  I can ship to her, package the product beautifully, invite them to the best events in the Northwest and expose them to the latest in fashion from cosmetics to shoes, to accessories to clothing.  I am at the Seattle / Flagship store and feel inspired every time I walk through the doors.

Best part about beauty school?
 Meeting a wide variety of people – I think it helped prepare me for working without judgment in other people’s homes.

Favorite nail product?

I love JULEP nail products.  They are toxin free and from Seattle.  Their packaging is unique and are constantly coming out with new colors and extensions to the line.

Favorite food today?
Juiced spinach, carrots, ginger and lime! 

Favorite Hair Service?
A fresh new color with bounce and It’s A 10 shine spray!

What’s your current favorite Pandora blend right now? 
Johnny Cash

Best Part of Working a Trend Show?
Love seeing the new products and pretty people – I am like a kid in a candy store. People (vendors) dress better to a trend show than they do to most weddings I’ve been to.  

How do you want your clients to feel after time with you?
I want them to feel beautiful, glamorous and loved inside and out! 

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