#AmysArmy – Celebration of Life and Beauty

Yesterday, the lovely Amy Schaeffer started her first round of chemo – a process that will be long and very intense as she will be having an aggressive treatment.

#amydarmy, breast cancer, chemo, women, health

Amy is an amazing woman who has welcomed me into her home and served endless hours loving friends and family.  She is the mother of 3 young *very active* boys and recently moved to Atlanta to plant a church with her husband.

Well something very special happened.  Amy’s husband Justin put together a fun social media event and invited everyone to join in.  The purpose was to show Amy love and support from friends around the globe as she started her first treatment.

As pictures started rolling of friends with hats and scarves and wigs… even dogs, cats and babies all tagged #amysarmy I can just see the smile on her face.  In fact, Justin reported that her phone died mid-treatment.  Note to caregiver:  bring a charger next time!

Here is the beautiful result:

 136 photos posted (as of 6/3/14) 149 total posts with 2914 likes across all the posts!

Access Tag Board to see where her hashtag ended up all over social media!

This family has very practical needs – someone needs to care for Amy as she goes through treatment… someone needs to take time off of work to hold her hand during chemo and her head during the post chemo nausea.  A fund has been set up here to help care for their family’s needs.  This could be for the medical treatment, meals, misc and unexpected expenses and time off of work.  The goal is $6,000 – which I personally think is low for 16 rounds of treatment, none the less – they are just about $1,400 away from the needs they have assessed.  

You can access the Amy’s Army campaign here to contribute and see where they are at for their goal.

Watch some of the fun that went down yesterday:

amysarmy hat dayThe VP and Grant Family 

justin schaeffer amysarmy

Amy’s husband Justin



Dear Amy, when in doubt – wear bright lipstick.  Yours Truly

Please share!  Please pray for Amy and her family!  Please donate, send cards and love their way and post some love for Amy with #amysarmy!




  1. Karen Schaeffer (Nana) flew in from Seattle to hold Amy’s hand, help cook, watch the boys, etc. There for the Lon haul.

    • Great news to hear! Love Karen and so glad she could be there! I am really hoping people get excited about contributing to help out their expenses and misc things that come up with long term medical conditions by contributing on their link.

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