Shine vs. Shine – It’s a 10

By now you have probably seen my favorite things and noticed that It’s a 10 is one of my favorite product lines.  Well, they have two shine sprays I want to tell you about.  One is a serum (it has a green top) Miracle Styling Serum Serum by It’S A 10.  This one you put into your hair while it is about 80% dry – so the hair is still wet, but not dripping.  By putting your product in at this point, you are going to do a couple of things.  It is less for you to dry and the product won’t be diluted so it can it’s job more effectively.

One of the reasons I love the It’s a 10 line is that they always tell you what the product does, in bullet points on the back of the item.  They take the guessing out of trying to figure out what your product does.

One of the things this one does is to provide SHINE and THERMAL PROTECTION.   It does do more than that, but if you want a silky shine head of hair that is enough!  The product then becomes bonded to your hair as you finish drying.  I used this product on my client’s hair today and had immediate AMAZING results!

The second product that I love is the sprayIT’S A 10 – MIRACLE SHINE SPRAY Shine Spray.  It does the same thing, but it sprays onto your hair after it is dry.  Am I lazy that I like this so much?  No,  I just don’t shampoo my hair everyday, so I use this product everyday and spray it just like a hair spray.  I get immediate shine… imagine what that looks like on my bright red hair!  Crazy shine… and makes the color look that much more intense.  So if you want to spice up your color and keep it looking fresh this one is ideal as well.

Happy shopping!

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