You just got your hair colored… now what?

Did you know that the average person will go and buy hair product within 24-48 hours after getting their hair cut or colored?  It is important that you know where to buy your product (if your stylist has not sold it to you) and that you are educated about the actual needs of your hair.  As a stylist, I would be doing a disservice to my clients by not recommending good hair products because, after all, they have hired me to be their hair expert.

I want you to think of your new color as an investment.  You’ve just spent really good money for a really nice outcome.  What’s next?  Well, you need to take care of that investment!  Not taking care of your shiny new hair is like buying a brand new car and washing it with your kid’s shampoo once a month.  Why don’t we think of our hair as an investment?  For most of us, it is something that will be on our head a very long time.

I am a Paul Mitchell fan, so here are some great items to start with, they are the larger liters, but they will last a good amount of time.

Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo, 33.8-Ounce Bottle

or if you prefer a smaller size: Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo,16.9-Ounce Bottle

Paul Mitchell Color Protect Conditioner, 16.9-Ounce Bottle

A few fun facts about conditioner:  Use it only mid strand to ends…. don’t start it at your scalp.  Your scalp has natural oils and for the most part, does not need to be adding to that.

People use far more shampoo than they do conditioner.  It is marketing that has made us think we need to buy both together at the same time and the same size.  For example, I have a 33.8 oz shampoo above, paired with a 16.9 oz conditioner.  That would be a fair transaction in terms of how much you actually need.  It also brings the sticker shock down a bit too.  Instead of buying $45 of shampoo and conditioner, you are spending $35 of appropriate sized products, just for you.

Remember… you hair is an investment that you have just paid for.  It will be on your head a long time – take care of it!

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