Wardrobe Purge: I am satisfied with what I have

7 bags of clothes, 1 box of hangers, 1 coat and 15 pairs of shoes.  It feels like I have purged an organ.  The first day I walked around my room walking circles because I was confused about the fact that I didn’t need to riffle through clothes, jump over a chair holding clothes into a closet that was categorically unorganized.  My dresser has decreased so much that I open a drawer and know exactly what is in it! 

Terri (Basics to Bombshell) wrote an article about how we have a 20/80 in our wardrobe.  We only wear 20% of what we have.  You can read her article here.  I think it is true.  I look at my closet and today I can go to exactly what I need, not wondering if I have it or if it was clean or not because I can see it.  


I also saw what kind of shopper I was… the kind I didn’t want to be: buy 2 (0r 3) of one item in every color – who’s that girl… I didn’t think it was me.  I can be more creative than that and this was a reminder of the fact that I have let myself get too comfortable.

Two days after the purge, I can’t believe how good I feel.  I have gone into two clothing stores since then and really, truly felt that I didn’t need a thing.  I know exactly how many maxi dresses I have.  I know exactly how many tshirts and tanks I have… and I know I have ENOUGH.  I don’t NEED anything.  In fact, I cannot think of a belt, a shoe or a shirt that I am currently in need of.  A week ago, I had 3x as many clothes, yet felt that I was always in need.  I did not realize the excess I was living with every day. 

Look for my full report on how this actually went down and Terri’s followup recommendations for me.

Thanks again Terri! 

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