May 2012 Beauty Army Box

Pictures first – inside the box!

Beauty Army May 2012 – Arica’s Beauty Blog Picks

OK, so the first – most exciting thing – about the Beauty Army May box is that they sent me some guy product for my man!  I got to pick, so it wasn’t a surprise (or disappointment for those who don’t want to share with their man).  

I HAD to laugh, just because it is so ridiculous – the men’s Cologne is called SEX PANTHER.  Well, it smells pretty nice, but the name is hilarious and could quite possibly be a turn off for more conservative types.  R wanted me to make sure everyone knows from a guys perspective… he likes it.

The other item that he got was HEY DUDE – DUDE Wash – Dual Pheromone Body Wash, Shampoo and Shave Gel.  I was really surprised by his reaction to this one.  Aparently Ryan thinks that there should be nothing that washes everything: your body, your face and your hair.  I tried to explain to him that skin, hair and nails are all the same ph… he didn’t seem to care.  He will try this, but is fundementally against the basic outline of the intention of the product: to have men be hygienically lazy:).  Hmmm…. I learned something new about my man through this little beauty box sample.

After just receiving the men’s product, it further cements Beauty Army’s edge in bringing me the latest and greatest.

Here’s what I got:

Arica’s Beauty Army May 2012 Selections

A note on packaging changes:

Beauty Army has slightly changed their packaging.  The wrapping tape on the outter box now has pink in it.  The inner box (the hard black box containing your goodies) now only has their name and no other sponsors.  They have done a great job in using recycled goods to ship product and they encourage their subscribers to recycle their boxes by using pinterest as a way of showing off the good you have done.  I reused one of mine today with my sticker logo for Running with Shears and wrapped a gift for a client.  I always reuse any tissue paper or box that comes with my beauty box!

Ok, onto my pics:

Pink Sugar Perfume – super sweet, just in time for spring fragrance

M.A.D. Skincare – Transforming Daily Moisture.  I have tried several M.A.D. products from Beauty Army and they have not irritated my skin, so I am excited to try this one.  All of their deluxe samples come in a pump that I really appreciate.  It removes the possibility for more mess than necessary and only gives you what you need.

Grand Central Beauty – Active Mask Powder – this is has a couple of steps to activate the product and already looks like too much work for me… It is also for “all skin types” – I am sensitive and am a skeptic already.  Let me be clear about this: I had a choice on what to choose and I chose this product, so if I am not happy with my decision, it was mine to make.  Jury is out…

Clear Prep FX: Matte Foundation Primer and Anti-Aging Gel.  HECK TO THE YEA!  I say yes to all of those things!  The sample is a good size so it will last me several applications.  I tried Clear Prep FX – Eye prep last month and really, really liked that.  This is sure to be a winner.

I am SO pleased with my box this month and am even happier that I had great choices to pick from and they were all winners!

Thanks Beauty Army!


  1. Thank you for your review, Beautiful!
    I hope to read your product reviews on BeautyArmy!
    Community Director

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