The Retail Makeup Artist

Yesterday was super fun – DT Nordstrom Spring Trend.  There were TONS of giveaways, a fashion and makeup show in the morning, free gifts being given away at every turn, new start ups – Glassy Baby (A Seattle based company) featured a Nordstrom exclusive, gifts with purchase and regional, global, national makeup artists and trainers.  I looked over at MAC yesterday and saw a MUA that I recognized from the MAC blog!  I worked side by side with a MUA that had done makeup for the founder and CEO of Bare Escentuals just a few days ago – I had read it on facebook and then put the pieces together and he confirmed it was so.

One of the things that didn’t happen yesterday – despite TONS of appointments, *super important* national artists and a super busy store, were a lot of sales.  This was super irritating, until I realized I could just totally enjoy the moment.  How often do I have unlimited supplies, time and people to work on and with?  I sat down anyone and everyone who wanted to get their makeup done!  Typically I would be over the hill irritated with the girl who was “going out tonight and just wanted her makeup done” – but yesterday I just went with it and had no expectation of a sale at the end and tried new things and looks on women that were out of my comfort zone, but pushed me in a new way because I wasn’t afraid to try something new and didn’t have anything holding me back!

The retail artist was unleashed and I had so much fun!  And… I made a few sales too.

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