Where do I spend my beauty money?

Someone told me she imagined that I spent a TON of money on makeup.  She was surpised to hear that I spend far more money on skin care than I do on makeup.

I worked at BOL this weekend and sat down with so many women who flat out didn’t even wash their faces.  My job is to not shame them with a look of horror on my face, but to gently guide and instruct them into using a skin care system.  There were certain points this weekend when I was practically begging women to just take home the face wash!  I don’t understand how you could not wash your face (don’t get me started on serums), let alone moisturize.  There were several women with acne – not just teens – full grown women, who were seemingly unaware that taking off their makeup and cleansing with some sort of system might help their situation.  Since I can admit my shock here… shocked.  Do we not live in a culture where that information is readily available?  Is that somehow missed among large groups of women?  How can you not know that you need to wash your face – not just to clear up acne, but on a regular basis to maintain great skin.  Everyone can have great skin.  Everyone.

One of the large movements I have seen is for the Clarisonic – sold almost anywhere now.  I have used mine for a couple of years and LOVE IT!   Alicia – my co-blogger here on Arica’s Beauty Blog has a great sucess story, which I will let her tell.  But shortly, she had acne all over her back, on her neck and on her face.  She bought the clarisonic Acne
with the Clarisonic Body Brush Extension Handle and the special brushes for acne and today I looked at her and was so pleased to say that all of her acne is gone!  Just gone!  She acredits it to using the Clarisonic.  It is super easy to use, charge and clean – you can even use it in the shower!

Enough about Clarsonic – ladies and gentlemen – there is no excuse for not washing your faces!   If you are going to spend money anywhere – it should be skincare – you’ve only got one face… take care of it!


  1. Thanks for the great advice. I received a clarisonic for a gift and have used all the little sample cleansers that when with & loved them. When I started using other brands of face wash they foamed up too much. Do you any recommendations for good cleansers to use with it? Thanks!!

    • Hi Amy,
      Typically you want to stay away from using anything that says “foaming cleanser” – I like philosophy’s purity cleanser and Bare Escentuals facial cleanser. You can pump both into the top of your clarisonic and go!

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