Sindulge Epic Fail

I so eagerly told all my readers about the new Sindulge box that focused on makeup – a nice break from all the skin care boxes I receive.  Well, I signed up the very first day with a promo for only .01 – what a deal – I will try anything for that!  I must tell you that there has been nothing but complete frustration with them.  I have gotten numerous emails per day, each canceling the other out.  I signed up in February and should have received two boxes by now, but have only gotten charged twice.  After looking at my bank account this week and realizing I had been charged once again and that I had not received any boxes, I cancelled my account and decided that despite being a new box on the market, they should have gotten their act together.  Their grace period ended with me.  

All my apologies to my readers whom I recommended this box to – I hope your experiences have been better and I would be curious as to what you have received (or not) from Sindulge


  1. You are not the only one who got their hopes up in regards to Sindulge. I dropped them like a hot rock after getting attitude last month over the shipping issues.

    • I read your post and decided to hang out a little longer. However after being billed twice, multiple emails per day that were cancelling each other out and still no boxes… it was time for my grace to come to an end. They are going to die a horrible small business death. They need to learn a few things about customer service and timely service – unfortunately with the climate of beauty bloggers… I think they are done.

      • I agree. Were you also one of the people who got someone else’s address information? The lady involved is on MUT and there are about 5 of us who got her personal info but with our billing info.

        It’s just a mess.

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